Volume 32, No.1, 2023  
ANT Review
Early Rehabilitation after Acute Stroke: The Golden Recovery Period  
  Yi   Liu, Jiu-Haw  Yin, Jiunn-Tay  Lee, Giia-Sheun  Peng, Fu-Chi   Yang, 
Original Article
Does proton pump inhibitor reduce the antiaggregant efficacy of aspirin in ischemic stroke?  
  Tugba   Ozel, Ali   Unal, Sebahat   Ozdem, Babur   Dora, 
Normal norms of carotid vessel wall volume in Taiwanese adults as measured using three-dimensional ultrasound  
  Chih-Chen  Liao, Pei-Ya  Chen, Shinn-Kuang  Lin, 
Case Report
Delayed Unilateral Eagle Syndrome with Fractured Styloid Process  
  Tsung-Hua  Chen, Pi-Sheng  Hsu, Kai-Lang  Chang, Hung-Sheng  Lin, 
Intracranial Vertebrobasilar Artery Dissection with Silent Rapid Progression  
  Hsu-Huai  Chiu, Chih-Ping  Chung, Feng-Chi  Chang, Hung-Yu  Liu, 
Challenges of Large Vessel Vasculitis Stroke Patient with Complicated Endovascular Thrombectomy: A Case Report  
  Hsi-Yen  Lee, Su-O  Wang, Ya-Wen  Ciou, Chun-Ching  Chiu, Yang-Hao  Ou, 
Refractory Convulsive Status Epilepticus Provoked by Intoxication with Dalfampridine in a Patient with Multiple Sclerosis and Depression Disorder: A Case Report and Literature Review  
  Mehdi  Maghbooli, Zahra  Jourahmad, Mehrdad  Golizadeh, 
ALS Regional Variants (Brachial Amyotrophic Diplegia and Amyotrophic Leg Diplegia): Still A Diagnostic Challenge in Neurology  
  Yeow-Hoay  Koh, Yee-Hau  Pang, Ee-Wei  Lim,