Volume 29, No.2, 2020  
Original Articles
Apilarnil: A Novel Neuroprotective Candidate
  Mehmet HAMAMCI, Zuleyha DOGANYIGIT, Sibel SILICI, Aslı OKAN, Emin KAYMAK, Seher YILMAZ, Adem TOKPINAR, Levent Ertuğrul INAN
Does Early Recognition of Treatment Failure and Changing Anti-Epilepsy Medication Regimen Improve Short-Term Seizure Remission Rates In Childhood Absence Epilepsy?
  Suresh Gurbani, Sirichai Chayasirisobhon, Aditya Gurbani, Noriko McCall
Case Report
Facial Artery Arteriovenous Malformation Endovascular and Surgical Treatment: Liquid Embolic Device an Advantage for Both Techniques
  Umberto G. Rossi, Giuseppe Verrina, Anna Maria Ieradi, Mariangela Rutigliani, Maurizio Cariati
Ventral Displacement of Spinal Cord in Spontaneous Intracranial Hypotension: A Sign Easily Be Overlooked
  Mao-Hsun Lin, Yung-Chu Hsu
Moyamoya Presenting after Whole Body Cryotherapy
  Patrick M. Chen, Michael M. Chen, Chia-Chun Chiang, Scott Olson, Divya S. Bolar, Kunal Agrawal