Volume 25, No.3, 2016  
Hospital-based Stroke Registry in Taiwan
  Cheng-Yang Hsieh, MD, PhD
Original Articles
Impacts of Cigarette Smoking and Basilar Artery Flow on 1-year Recovery in 3-Month survivors of Intracranial Vertebrobasilar Artery Dissection-related Ischemic Stroke
  Chih-Ping Chung, Feng-Chi Chang, Hui-Chi Huang, Jui-Yao Tsai, Yung-Yang Lin
Case Reports
Co-Cccurrence of Guillain-Barre Syndrome and Primary Sjögren Syndrome in an Elderly Woman
  Yu-Kai Lin, Fu-Chi Yang, Feng-Cheng Liu, Jiunn-Tay Lee, Yueh-Feng Sung
A Review of Differences in Clinical Characteristics between Tardive Syndrome Induced or Improved by Aripiprazole Treatment
  Yen-Wen Chen, Ping-Tao Tseng
Spontaneous intracranial hypotension complicated by malignancyinduced disseminated intravascular coagulation: A case report
  Hung-Yi Wu, Shu-Shya Hseu, Shih-Pin Chen, Jiing-Feng Lirng, Yen-Feng Wang,Shuu-Jiun Wang, Jong-Ling Fuh
Long-term and Strong Immunotherapy to Treat Anti-N-Methyl-D-Aspartate Receptor Encephalitis with Refractory Status Epilepticus
  Lan-Hsin Lee, Chien-Jung Lu
Serial Neuroimaging of a Patient with Minor Stroke due to Isolated Cortical Vein Thrombosis and Convexal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
  Pei-Ya Chen, Kun-Eng Lim, Shinn-Kuang Lin