Volume 21, No.4, 2012  
Thermal Quantitative Sensory Testing
  Shoou-Jeng Yeh
Original Articles
The Influences of Inter-Trial Interval on the Thermal and Thermal Pain Thresholds in Quantitative Sensory Testing
  Han-Wei Huang, Wen-Chi Wang, Chou-Ching Lin
Correlation of Hematologic Factors to Carotid Intima-Media Thickness in Men and Women: a Study of 2767 Asymptomatic Subjects of Taiwan
  Wen-Kai Kuo, Shih-Ying Lee, Shih-Ming Ma, Tzer-An Ling, Chin-Chu Wu
Case Reports
Olanzapine Treatment for Tics in an Adult Woman with Severe Tourette Syndrome
  Wen-Juh Hwang
Multiple Cerebral and Cerebellar Infarcts as the First Clinical Manifestation in a Patient with Churg-Strauss Syndrome: Case Report and Literature Review
  Meng-Ju Cheng, Pai-Hao Huang, Pin-Wen Liao, Jen-Tse Chen, Tsuey-Ru Chiang
Sellar Hemangioblastoma Mimicking a Macroadenoma
  Ajler P, Goldschmidt E, Bendersky D, Hem S, Landriel F, Campero A, Ajler G
Continuing Medical Education
Cognitive Abilities Screening Instrument, Chinese Version 2.0 (CASIC-2.0) Administration and Clinical Application
  Ker-Neng Lin, Pei-Ning Wang, Hsiu-Chih Liu, Evelyn L. Teng
Pictorial Neurological Diseases
A Never Forgotten Differential Diagnosis of Monoparesis
  Chia-Fang Lee, Hoi-Fong Chan
Radiological and Electroencephalographic Findings in Mitochondrial Complex III Deficiency
  Antonio Díaz-Negrillo, Francisco Sanz Santaeufemia