Volume 17, No.2, 2008  
Review Article
Wilson's Disease in Taiwan
  Nai-Shin Chu and Chin-Chang Huang
Original Articles
Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis-Clinical Features, Predisposing and Prognostic Factors
  Hossein Azin and Nahid Ashjazadeh
Prediction of Worse Outcome by Systemic Atherosclerosis Following Acute Ischemic Stroke
  Kuo-Lun Huang, Tsong-Hai Lee, Shan-Jin Ryu, and Yeu-Jhy Chang
Case Reports
Unilateral Carotid and Vertebral Artery Dissections and Contralateral Subarachnoid Hemorrhage in a Postpartum Patient
  Peiyuan F. Hsieh, Yi-Chung Lee, and Ming-Hong Chang
Kennedy Disease Mimics Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: A Case Report
  Mu-Hui Fu, Min-Yu Lan, Jia-Shou Liu, Shung-Lon Lai, Shun-Sheng Chen, and Yung-Yee Chang
An Unusual Presentation of Large Pneumoencephaly after Frequent Falls in an Elderly Patient
  Ching-Hua Chu, Wei-Chiu Huang, Yi-Lan Lin, and Chao-Ran Wang
Fatal Intoxication Using Amantadine and Pramipexole in a Uremic Patient
  Chien-Tai Hong, Yu Sun, and Chien-Jung Lu
Simultaneous Thrombosis of Cerebral Artery and Venous Sinus
  Bo-Lin Ho, Poyin Huang, Gim-Thean Khor, and Ruey-Tay Lin
Continuing Medical Education
Neurological Complications in Uremia
  Chin-Shih Fong
Special Article
Tributes to Macdonald Critchley and His Achievements in Neurolinguistics
  Tsu-pei Hung
Treatment Guidelines for Preventive Treatment of Migraine
  Treatment Guideline Subcommittee of the Taiwan Headache Society
Pictorial Neurological Disease
Miliary Intracranial Tuberculomas Presenting as Rapidly Reversible Encephalopathy
  Bo-Lin Ho and Chung-Yao Hsu
Tremor-induced Electrocardiographic Artifact Mimicking Atrial Flutter
  Wen-Juh Hwang