Volume 14, No.4, 2005  
Review Article
Brain Mapping of Visual Evoked Activity - Topographical and Functional Components
  Wolfgang Skrandies
Original Articles
Psychiatric Morbidity in Dementia Patients in a Neurology-Based Memory Clinic
  Ching-Sen Shih, Sui-Hing Yan, Ying-Hoo Ho, Yuh-Te Lin, Jie-Yuan Li, and Yuk-Keung Lo
Depressive Symptoms Following Ischemic Stroke: A Study of 207 Patients
  Liang-Po Hsieh and Hui-Ju Kao
Case Reports
Hypertensive Encephalopahty Involving the Brainstem and Deep Structures: A Case Report
  Chin-Shih Fong
Witzelsucht after Right Putaminal Hemorrhage: A Case Report
  Ying-Chu Chen, Chi-Yu Tseng, and Ming-Chyi Pai
Cerebral Hemosiderosis as a Causative Factor of Vascular Parkinsonism
  Cheng-Fang Hsieh, Chin-Sung Tung, Pang-Ying Shih, and Wei-Chen Lin
General Paresis with Reversible Mesial Temporal T2-weighted Hyperintensity on Magnetic Resonance Image: A Case Report
  Chung-Wen Chen, Ho-Chou Chiang, Po-Lin Chen, Peiyuan F. Hsieh, Yi-Chung Lee, and Ming-Hong Chang
Continuing Medical Education
Diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis
  Chih-Chao Yang
Neurological Diseases in Late 19th Century Taiwan -Medical Reports of the Chinese Imperial Maritime Customs
  Nai-Shin Chu
Pictorial Neurological Disease
Complete Recanalization of Right Middle Cerebral Artery after Intravenous Thrombolytic Therapy
  Raymond Yen-Yu Lo and An-Bang Liu